Rotterdam, NY   USA




Crux, Houck, Hughes, Palleschi, Cassano & DeSantis

1-2 Girls
Marano, Parella/Eiser, Hughes, Palleschi, Ceccucci & Clute

1-2 Boys
Lopez, Brynes, Bachorik, Groulx, Masi, Obleman, Schaffer & Scorzafava

3-4 Girls
Marano, Audette, Phillips, Hodge, Lontrato & Petrocci

3-4 Boys
Cafarelli, Schaffer, Bush/Guzek, Monthie

5-6 Girls
Caschera, Byrnes, Schaffer, Bush, Obleman & McLaughlin

5-6 Boys
Calandra, Contompasis, Morgan & Edwards


Dear Volunteer Coaches,

The RYSC thanks each of you for providing a safe and healthy environment for 450+ recreational players this fall.

The are four things that detract from a fun soccer experience: lines, laps, lectures and when a coach or parent looses their temper. Try to avoid these four pitfalls at all costs.

LINES - Lines lead to boredom and misbehavior. Long lines where one child takes a turn at a time prevent skill development. Avoid any and all lines. We want players actively engaged at all times.

LAPS - If you have children complete laps, be sure to have them take their ball with them to practice dribbling. They will get in shape by running in the games and drills, laps are unnecessary and do not build skill.

LECTURES - We realize mini-lectures are a part of life. But, let's make them short and focused. Pull players together to demonstrate a skill and then allow them to practice while the coaches ensure correct execution.

LOOSING YOUR HEAD - Our goal is to have players learn about the game of soccer while developing some skill. The score is not important. I repeat the score is not important. The coaches and parents should be a role model of sportmanship for their children. Keep things in perspective! It's a recreational league, not the World Cup.

If you coaches try to stay away from these pitfalls, we are sure that you, your team and the parents will have a fun and enjoyable soccer season.  Good Luck!

RYSC Board

Note: Coaches after your first game, you will practice on the field that your previous Saturday's game was played on.

Check out this article from Mike Berticelli about "The Youth Soccer Coach"  [click here]


- Angie Bush, Steve Masullo & Chris Smith -




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