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17th Annual Kickoff Classic Tournament 2014

The RYSC 17th Annual Kickoff Classic will be held April 25, 26,27, 2014.
The location of the tournament is at the Rotterdam Youth Soccer Complex located on Princetown Road. The tournament is an USYSA santioned tournament click here through Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, Inc. For more information, to contact the tournament director, Angelo Santabarbara.

View game schedules below (jpg) *Subject to change - so check back for changes.

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1.  FRIDAY Night -- U16 Boys/Girls (Sat day/night)

2.  SATURDAY Morning -- U12 Boys/Girls A* & U14 Boys/Girls A* (Sat day)

3.  SATURDAY Day -- U12 Boys/Girls B* & U14 Boys/Girls B*(Sat morn)

4.  SATURDAY Night -- U17 Boys/Girls* & U19 Boys* (Fri night)

5.  SUNDAY -- U8 Coed and U10 Boys/Girls A & B

* Times and schedules subject to change depending on age group participation. Teams should keep both time slots (days) available. First time slot listed is the primary play day. Secondary time slot is in parenthesis.

PRELIM SCHEDULES : 04/16/14 (5:00pm) Some schedules are posted! We have checked it over but errors can slip by. If you see one - Let us know - info@rysc.org - Thanks for your help!
               04/16/14 (5:00pm) U16 Boys - U16 Girls - U14B Girls & U12B Girls posted!
               04/19/14 (12:15am) All U10's- U12-A & B Boys - U12-A & B Girls - U14A Boys & U17/18 B & G posted!
               04/21/14 (9:20pm) U08's posted!
               04/21/14 (9:20pm) Team Dropped -- GU17 changed!
               04/22/14 (11:00pm) Team Dropped -- BU12A changed! & Teams Switch -- BU17
               04/23/14 (9:45am) Schedule Changed -- BU12A!
               04/23/14 (10:30am) Schedule changed -- GU17/18!
               04/24/14 (12:30am) Team Dropped-Schedule changed -- GU12A!
               04/24/14 (10:20am) Schedule changed (typos) -- GU12A!
               04/24/14 (11:50pm) ALL SCHEDULES ARE FINAL!

*Remember to check back often, hopefully by late Thursday night 4/24 schedules should be ALL FINAL!


SAT Morn


SAT Night


U16 Boys U14B Girls U14A Boys U17/18 Boys U08 Mixed
U16 Girls U12B Girls U12A Girls U17/18 Girls U10-A Boys
  U12B Boys U12A Boys   U10-B Boys
        U10-A Girls
        U10-B Girls
* = coming soon!

Registration can be done through a printable application or visit our online registration.

The tournament is open to U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U17 and U19 boys and girls divisions based on CDYSL age groups.(Formats: U8 will be 4 v 4, U10 - 7v7, U12 - 8v8 and U14 & above - 11v11.)
We will try to have an "A" and "B" level in each age division depending on participation.
All clubs in good standing are welcome to enter.

Team Rosters:
  • 18 players maximum per team (including guest players)

  • 3 guest players permitted

  • All non-New York teams must have a completed permission to travel form to play

  • Teams should arrive 30 minutes prior to game time to get medical release forms/ player passes checked and receive your game schedule. (Look for the big white tent next to the Concession stand)

    *Original League Stamped/signed roster w/ jersey numbers listed beside each player.

Game Information:
  • All groups play ALL 4 games in ONE day/night ONE session*. Figure 4-5 hours to complete your group play.

  • *[Games to be played Friday night, all day Saturday (3 sessions) and Sunday].
  • Each team will be scheduled for 4 games. A five or more team division will play a round robin format. A four team division will have a playoff format to decide final placement.

  • All games will be 25 minutes in length and there will be no halftime breaks or overtime periods.

  • Team awards for 1st and 2nd place finishes in each division except the U8 & U10 division teams will all receive a participation awards (Non-result format as per CDYSL).

  • All teams are asked to bring two jerseys to avoid same color conflicts. If one occurs, the winner by a referee coin toss will get color choice.

  • A winner of the coin toss will decide which half the team will defend and the loser gets the ball first.

  • Possible other venues may be used.

Scoring U12 and up:
  • This is a point based tournament which will decide final placement.

    [Max points per game is 8]

    Win - 3 points
    Tie - 1 point
    Plus - 1 point for each goal (Max 3)
    Shutout win - 1 point
    First goal scored - 1 point

  • In the event of forefeit, the score of the game shall be recorded as 2-0. The winning team shall get seven (7) points.

  • Ties in the standings will be broken by the following criteria:

    1. Head-to-Head record
    2. Least goals against
    3. Goals scored
    4. A coin toss

  • Playoff games (S1 v. S2) that end in a tie will be broken by the following criteria:

    1. Head-to-Head record
    2. Total Points
    3. Least goals against
    4. Goals scored

Entrance Fee:
    Make check payable to: RYSC or
    use the Online Registration above and pay by credit card.
  • For U8-U10 is $300 before April 1, 2014.
        After April 1st the fee is $350.00.

  • For U12 is $325 before April 1, 2014.
        After April 1st the fee is $375.00.

  • For U14 and above is $350 before April 1, 2014.
        After April 1st the fee is $400.00.

Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if a team withdraws after April 3, 2014.

        Need directions to RYSC FIELDS - [click here]


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