2012 RYSC Kickoff Classic
April 20 through April 22
RYSC Complex, Rotterdam, NY
Winning Team Photos
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Congrats to the all the Champions! .......... We hope everyone had a great time! .............We like to see you come back next year! ........... Good luck in your outdoor season!

U12A Girls U12A Boys U12A Boys-Night U12B Girls
U12B Boys U12C Girls U14A Boys U14B Girls U14B Boys
U16 Girls U16 Boys U17 Girls U18 Boys
Final Results
 2011 Tournament Recap

 Division/Scores  Champion  Finalist  Format
Under 12 "A" Boys (DAY) Webster Alleycats Playoffs
Under 12 "A" Boys(N) Blackwatch Crane Playoffs
Under 12 "B" Boys Rising Stars Rotterdam Round Robin-6
Under 14 "A" Boys Rotterdam Guilderland Round Robin-6
Under 14 "B" Boys Saratoga Brunswick Round Robin-3
Under 16 Boys Alleycats 15 Burnt Hills Round Robin-6
Under 18 Boys Rotterdam- Cintula Albany Round Robin-5
Under 12 "A" Girls Webster Saratoga Playoffs-8
Under 12 "B" Girls Bethlehem Poughkeepsie Round Robin-5
Under 12 "C" Girls Highland Rotterdam Playoffs
Under 14 "B" Girls Saugerites Rotterdam Playoffs
Under 16 Girls NY Elite 14 Ravena Playoffs
Under 17 Girls Rip Van Winkle Henry Hudson Round Robin-6

 2011 Shootout Recap

 Division  Shooter  Keeper
Under 10 Boys A Philip (Burnt Hills) Sal (Bethlehem)
Under 10 Boys B Declain (Albany) Jacob (Niskayuna)
Under 10 Girls A Rebecca F. (Alleycats) Megan (Rotterdam)
Under 10 Girls B/C Kristen (Brunswick) Isabella (Rotterdam)
Under 12 Boys A Brady (Rising Stars) Ryan (Alleycats)
Under 12 Boys B Nick (Niskayuna) Zack (Bethlehem)
Under 12 Girls A Hannah (Latham) Katie (Saratoga)
Under 12 Girls B Kayla (Rising Stars) Maya (Alleycats)
Under 12 Girls C Ainsley K. (Latham) Sarah D.(Latham)
Under 14 Boys A Mike Burkett (Saratoga) Alex Mastroianni (Colonie)
Under 14 Girls B Megan Kirby (Chatham) MacKenzie Burns (Rotterdam)
Under 14 Boys B Tyler (Brunswick) Colvin (New Scotland)